CBD pen, as you may know, can be a great mode to experience the benefits of hemp oil. Its popularity is rising with each passing day. Few obvious reasons. CBD is gaining importance as new researches are backing its use for various disorders. Secondly, people want to get rid of cigarettes and nicotine. So by vaping CBD liquids, people are getting a healthier alternative for them.

These devices won’t emit harmful smoke like fumes. This way it is not passively hurting others in the family. It also has an edge over pot because you are not smoking the matter. You take the material as puffs according to your specific needs.

But how to get to the best CBD pen can sometimes be confusing. With this article, we have tried to sort out many issues related to the purchase of vape pen. But before that let’s analyze some basics.

What Is A CBD Pen?

cbd vape pen
Today is the day 🙌🏼 I can finally introduce you to my new cooperation. A few weeks ago @thoughtcl0ud wrote to me and for the first time I tried CBD. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid from the hemp plant, but without the psychoactive THC – and of course it’s totally legal! You can take the oil as a drop or evaporate. I wanted to try both before sharing my opinion with you. The vaping effect occurs faster. The drops take a little longer, but are also more stable. So it depends on your symptoms, which variant you chose. CBD can be used if you have mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders or shizophrenia. In addition, it relieves tension & pain and helps with inflammation. It is also used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and cancer. I’m lucky that I don’t have any of those listed symptoms. Probably I would most likely fit into the category of temporary depressive mood. Sometimes I cannot get out of my thoughts. With CBD I feel calmer and and find a faster way out of my bad mood. It also supports my meditation. Finally, as you may know, I have had neck pain for a year now and CBD helped me with it too. Still hurts but a little bit less! So if you have one or more of these symptoms (@yoga_girl also uses it for her asthma), CBD is definitely worth a try! From @myveryown.journey

It is a device by which you can vape hemp concentrates. Basically, it is configured by atomizers to convert hemp liquid into airborne droplets(mist), then there are heating coils for heating the material and a mouthpiece to inhale the vapors.

Of course, you should first know the kind of vaping device according to your requirements. But knowing that is not enough. There are many other points to consider before buying a vape pen.

Features Of A Good CBD Pen

Here are some points to look for in the hemp vaping device. It is important for your enhanced taste and maximum effectiveness.


Look for a device which is lightweight and easy to carry. You should be able to use it comfortably. Ideally, your vape pen should be in a compact size approximately 4 inches would do.

Battery Life

Enquire beforehand from the vendor how much your lithium-ion battery will last. Make sure it should function for a couple of hours for an enjoyable and effective session. Of course, it will also depend on how often you use the CBD vape pen.

Charging options

Most of the manufacturers give you a universal micro USB port to recharge your CBD pen. If you have the charging option from your car or plugs it’s much better. This way your vape pen can be used for more time.



You have many options available according to your custom requirements of vaping. If you like fresh and smooth fumes (vapor), go for a water vapor hemp pen with a glass water pipe attachment connected to it.

Another accessory with a glass globe attachments allows you to see the vapor form.

Refillable tanks(pods) are relatively less expensive. Make sure they don’t leak and are made from high-quality material. These days leak-proof pod design with no spit-back option is very much in demand.


Double check the materials involved to make your device. Good vape pens come equipped with an OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology. It is durable and very longlasting. The ceramic material can withstand high temperatures without emitting harmful chemicals. It can also give way to an enhanced taste of the hemp liquid you’ll vape.


You cannot trust a vape pen if it comes without a warranty. So make sure your vaping device has a lifetime warranty for battery or other accessories. With a warranty comes the assurance that the manufacturer is quite confident about its products.

Go For USA Made Vape Pens

The market is full of China made products. Some are good but most of them are not of the best quality as they may use disposable heating wires in them. Look for the USA made vape pens. They can have an upper edge over others when it comes to quality of components used.

Final thoughts on CBD Pen

In short, there are many types of vape pens available in the departmental stores where it is legal. Some vendors are selling them online too. Keep in mind all the above-listed features before ordering one. Remember the flavor, effectiveness, and safety of hemp extracts will also be decided by the quality of CBD pen you buy.

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