Emotional Blockages both positive and negative aspects of your life

Emotional Blockages happens in a case when a person faces a sudden change in his environment. It means that a person may not be able to believe that particular thing which has happened. Many people also believe that emotional Blockage is necessary for stopping the mind from getting irritated. You may also face emotional Blockages in your life at some point. It is natural and goes away with time. But it also becomes an issue of concern if it doesn’t go away with time. Feeling depressed or unable to think in a normal way? You might be facing emotional Blockages. You can work on it by being happy in your life. An uncertain mind condition could lead to neurological diseases. These kinds of diseases are very dangerous for your health. You may also face certain conditions where you find yourselves alone. But don’t worry because nothing is impossible in life. Cheer up and think about your future. While you are facing an emotional Blockage, you should not start demotivating yourself. There is no such reason to make yourself feel that way. It is you who can challenge the natural condition which happened to you. The natural phenomenon is sometimes for your betterment. There is much reason due to which emotional Blockages happens in your life. An accident or death of your beloved could put you in such a situation. Situations can be managed and for that, you need to act wise and be strong. Even the children face such conditions when they start feeling lonely. But it is not happening to them for their entire life. You as a parent should always try to motivate your children and others to remain happy in their lives.

Causes of emotional Blockages:

  • Incidents: there may arise a situation when you might not be able to believe. Such as death of someone you loved the most or death of a family member. In such cases, your emotions work against you. You are not ready to believe that what just happened is real. You go back into the past recalling those good memories associated with that person. Your mind protects you from such conditions by enacting emotional Blockages. It is hard to believe that it is for your good and not for bad. Trust yourself and have faith in god.
  • Relationship: there are many reasons for emotional Blockages but the most common cause is a relationship. Either it is with your family or your partner. A person may feel demotivated and low when he is dumped by his partner. Other condition could be that your relationship isn’t going that well you expected it to be. Most people think that life has come to an end after they face a breakup. No, it is completely wrong and it only happens for your good. If you start believing in yourself then these conditions won’t bother you anymore. Just love yourself and life.

Some common symptoms of emotional Blockages are:

  • Skipping contact with people: a person affected by an emotional Blockage condition prefers staying alone. Such people find it hard to make interactions with anybody. They find themselves in a situation where there is only sorrow and disappointment. Such people do not like to engage themselves in social gatherings at all. With time this problem goes away but if persists then becomes a matter of concern. Sooner or later they might feel that in what mess they were in earlier. You can easily notice such people by looking at them.
  • Miseries: in some people’s life the only cause of emotional Blockages is not the relationships or deaths. There are many other conditions such as chronic illness and injuries. A person who is suffering from diseases which can’t be cured become a victim of negativity. They start feeling that life has come to an end and nothing can be done about that. It might be difficult to accept that you have a disease which is not curable. It affects the sentiments of a person and makes him disappointed. Their existence in their eyes becomes useless after such miseries happen in their life.

How to stay motivated?

  • Positive attitude: you should always think and act positively to maintain your consciousness and mind control. You can turn on the mood and cheer up even in the worst situation of your life. Look, what happened is already right in front of you and all you can do is accept that and move on. Everything comes with a price and your efforts are the price for your happiness. The mind has different thoughts and needs to be managed in the right manner. You should always keep your circle small and full of positive people.
  • Exercise: yes exercising regularly could indeed make you feel relaxed and think positive. Your body needs to burn calories and flush out the toxins. It is possible by the medium of exercising. You can do any sort of activity such as gymnastics, footage or yoga to relax your mind. If you ever meet a person exercising regularly, just look at him and notice how happy he is. It is proven that exercising helps in maintaining better health. Your overall development and health are affected positively by exercising regularly. Start exercising now to see the results.

You should remember that life is very precious and you can make it better every day. Your efforts and potential everything counts to lead a happy life. Instead of getting disappointed you should find out the reason behind the problem. You should never panic and act wisely. Decisions which are made patiently never fails. Human beings have invented several things and is blessed with the working machine which is your body. Start focusing on the better. Always try to love yourself and make others happy. Your hard work and efforts will bring a change in life. You can do anything and make anything possible.



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