You might be impressed with the great treasure of benefits involved with the use of hemp-derived CBD products and CBD oil.

And it is obvious because there is an unending saga of CBD praises by which the online world is stuffed with.

But whom to trust? And which product to ignore is a matter of wisdom. There are limited regulations available as of now, concerning hemp and CBD, so in order to make an informed decision for the purchase of most effective CBD product, you should be aware of dangers associated with impure CBD products.

Through this article, you will get an idea about the dangers associated with impure CBD products which are sold by dozens of vendors across the globe.

Here we go.

Psychoactive THC in an impure CBD product can make you dependent

There is the wide scope of fraud and deception in the lucrative CBD oil market as there is still a lack of regulation over sales. So there is always a possibility that fake sellers offer you a product containing a psychoactive ingredient known as THC.

It can make you dependent and might also give you high, unlike genuine CBD which is derived from the organically grown hemp plant.

Lack of Terpenes in impure CBD product can make it less effective

Terpenes have many benefits. They are hydrocarbons released by the glands (trichomes) in hemp plant. Terpenes might enhance the therapeutic potential of CBD oil, gives it pungent aroma and satisfying taste. Impure CBD products might not have the required amount of terpenes that would make it a great product.

Impure ones have the unpleasant taste

The best way to extract CBD oil is CO2 extraction method as no synthetic chemicals are involved here. On the other hand, impure CBD products may be extracted using harmful hydrocarbons(propane or butane) that can leave behind them the unpleasant taste not fit for your consumption. Try the use of CBD oil obtained from CO2 extraction method for a better taste and its ability to get ingested in comparison to other solvents.

Non-Decarboxylation makes the product less powerful

Decarboxylation is the process of removing the carboxyl group from hemp flowers by heating them for an extended amount of time. This way inactive compound CBDA gets activated leading to increased therapeutic benefits.

Some products are cheaper as they won’t undergo decarboxylation process properly. In this way, you end up with an ineffective product for your medical conditions.

Use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides eliminate the medicinal powers

Due to the increasing demand for CBD oil, many producers have started the unjustified use of fertilizers and pesticides. Though it encourages growth, they also subside the therapeutic effects. It also destroys the terpenes and flavonoids which are the essential ingredients of hemp-derived genuine CBD oil.

CBD products that lack test reports may have bacteria and harmful contaminants

You might come across companies making tall claims about the quality of their CBD products. But the best ones will be able to satisfy you by providing on-site and third-party test reports for quality checks.

This way you can be sure your CBD oil is free from microbial growth, artificial additives, and harmful contaminants.

CBD in crystal form may have reduced healing ability

CBD crystals have near-pure concentrations of CBD. However, they won’t be as effective as whole plant CBD oil because these supplements lack terpenes and flavonoids.

Whole plant oils retain the entire cannabinoid and terpene spectrum of the hemp plant. This internal coordination among naturally-occurring compounds enhances the effectiveness of CBD and other hemp-derived products in the treatment of various medical conditions.


Hemp you know is a miraculous plant with so many healing qualities. But just because CBD products are “natural” doesn’t make it better or safer. You need to educate yourself about the best choices before buying them.

Read for more and more reviews on the internet about what actual users have to say about a particular brand so that you get the best product to heal your medical condition.

Avoid relying on misleading labeling and inflated claims about the effectiveness of hemp extract.

Always look from vendors who assure you they have produced the CBD oil from organically grown hemp plants cultivated only in the United States not anywhere else.

Choose a whole plant CBD product that consists of various phytocomplex ingredients as they are the safest, cleanest, and most effective ones.

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